Bringing Afrocentric Fashion Mainstream

Mutayo Ekiye draws profound inspiration from her rich Nigerian heritage, aiming to share the essence of her designs on a global scale. Each handbag in her collection carries a meaningful name in the Nigerian Ekpeye and Igbo language, embodying a cultural depth that goes beyond mere fashion.

Presenting the inaugural collection of Mutayo Ekiye handbags—a culmination of years dedicated to perfection, now eagerly unveiled. This premier collection features four exquisite handbag designs, each offered in three distinct colors. Meticulous consideration and a touch of mastery have been interwoven into every aspect of this collection. 

As a Nigerian-American artist, Mutayo Ekiye infuses her creations with the vibrant spirit of her heritage. The four distinct pieces—Ada Tote Bag, Adora Mini Handbag, Oma Handbag, and Oma Wallet—stand as testaments to her craftsmanship. Handmade in Italy, these handbags showcase a spectrum of materials, from luxurious Caviar leather to alluring Snakeskin, adorned with brass hardware.

Impeccable care and attention to detail define each handbag, presented with elegance in velvet dust bags and sleek black boxes, adding a final touch of sophistication to this exceptional collection. With the aspiration to elevate Afrocentric designs to mainstream recognition, Mutayo Ekiye invites you to embrace the fusion of cultural richness and contemporary fashion embodied in every piece.

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

-Coco Chanel