The Adora Mini Handbag


The Adora mini handbag brings the ultimate luxury sense to handbag fashion. It's unique shape and design has never been seen before. In Mutayo's own words, "I love the uniqueness of this bag and it's the closest to my heart". Adora meaning beloved one in the Igbo Nigerian language was the name given to this bag because of how special this piece is.


Designer ID #: 402

Crocodile leather

Hand-made in Italy

Packaged in a dust bag with an elegant black box

Flannel lining interior 

Adjustable Strap : 134cm


Length : 26cm

Width : 12.3cm

Height : 12.3cm

Strap : 134cm



Because our handbags are made with the best quality of leather, it requires very little maintenance and over time it ages even more beautifully. It is always advised with leather handbags to avoid water contact. Crocodile Leather: Apply a clear, nourishing milk or cream three times per year.
If you plan on storing is away for a while, keep away from light and moisture in order to ensure proper care. It can be padded using paper.

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