The Adora mini crocodile Handbag


The Adora mini handbag, with its exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled design, introduces the epitome of luxury to handbag fashion. Its unprecedented shape and aesthetic allure set it apart in a league of its own. In Mutayo's heartfelt expression, she shares, "I cherish the unparalleled uniqueness of this bag; it resonates with my soul." Adora, meaning "beloved one" in the Igbo Nigerian language, was bestowed upon this masterpiece, signifying its exceptional and cherished status. This handbag stands as a testament to individuality and is a reflection of Mutayo's profound connection with the artistry behind it.


Designer ID #: 403

Crocodile leather

Hand-made in Nigeria and Italy

Packaged in a dust bag with an elegant black box

Flannel lining interior

Adjustable Strap : 134cm


Length : 26cm

Width : 12.3cm

Height : 12.3cm

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