The Ada tote bag max



The Ada Tote Bag Max stands out as a fashion essential, striking the perfect balance between a chic evening handbag and a versatile tote with its ideal handle size and spacious design. The name "Ada" holds cultural significance, representing the first female child in the Nigerian Ekpeye language. This meaningful nomenclature is particularly apt as the Ada Tote Bag Max is the inaugural creation by Mutayo Ekiye, making it an emblem of artistic innovation and personal significance

Designer ID #: 703
Italian Vegan leather 
Hand-made in Italy
Packaged in a dust bag with an elegant black box
Flannel lining interior 

Length : 36cm
Width : 20cm
Height : 28cm



Our handbags are meticulously crafted with the finest quality vegan leather, ensuring not only durability but also minimal maintenance and enhanced aging over time. Like all vegan leather items, it is recommended to steer clear of water contact for optimal care. Specifically for Caviar Leather, a clear, nourishing milk or cream should be applied three times a year to maintain its pristine condition.

When storing your handbag for an extended period, safeguard it from light and moisture to ensure proper care. To maintain its shape, consider padding it with paper. This conscientious approach guarantees that your vegan leather handbag remains a timeless and well-preserved accessory.

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