Mutayo Ekiye Fall/Winter Collection

Mutayo Ekiye draws profound inspiration from her Nigerian heritage, aspiring to share her unique designs with the world. Each handbag in her collection is bestowed with a meaningful name in the Nigerian Ekpeye and Igbo languages, adding a cultural richness that transcends mere fashion. The brand holds the hope that these designs will contribute to the mainstream recognition of Afrocentric styles.

Presenting the inaugural collection of Mutayo Ekiye handbags, a testament to years dedicated to perfection. The excitement is palpable as this collection unfolds, featuring four fabulous handbag designs, each available in three distinct colors. A meticulous process, considering various factors, has resulted in this masterpiece.

Mutayo Ekiye, a Nigerian-American artist, infuses her creations with the essence of her heritage. The collection includes four distinct pieces: the Ada Tote Bag, the Adora Mini Handbag, the Oma Handbag, and the Oma Wallet. Crafted with care, these handbags are handmade in Italy, utilizing materials ranging from luxurious Caviar leather to alluring Snakeskin, complemented by brass hardware.

Impeccable attention to detail defines each handbag, presented elegantly in lovely velvet dust bags and sleek, shiny black boxes. The culmination of this meticulous craftsmanship is a collection that goes beyond fashion, inviting you to experience the fusion of cultural depth and contemporary style. Mutayo Ekiye welcomes you to embrace these creations, hoping they contribute to bringing Afrocentric designs to the forefront of mainstream fashion.

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

-Coco Chanel