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MUTAYO EKIYE has been featured on several major fashion magazines. British Vogue, Madame Figaro and Harper Bazaar to name a few.

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The Adora Large Handbag

By popular demand we present the Adora large handbag, a bigger version of the Adora mini handbag.

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About the Designer Mutayo Ekiye

Meet the designer

Mutayo Ekiye's venture into the realm of fashion and handbag design is a testament to her lifelong dedication and passion. Born in Aust...

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Our Inspiration

Mutayo's journey in fashion began over a decade ago, fueled by a deep passion for design that has only intensified with time. Having started as a fashion designer, she has relentlessly pursued her creative path, never looking back.

A driving force behind Mutayo's latest line is the noticeable absence of mainstream Afrocentric handbags. This gap in the market has become a powerful inspiration for her to redefine fashion norms and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive industry.

Mutayo's Nigerian heritage is a wellspring of inspiration, shaping every stitch and detail in her designs. Her desire to share these culturally rich creations with the world propels her work forward. With a profound love for fashion and a commitment to filling a void in the industry, Mutayo Ekiye is on a mission to bring Afrocentric designs into the limelight, ensuring they resonate with a global audience.

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As seen on several celebrities and influencers, MUTAYO EKIYE has gained a large amount of recognition in the fashion industry.